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Market Now is a company with expertise in Web design and development, Android and iOS apps

We have specialized skills for social media platforms
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Our technology team focuses in ENTERTAINMENT and digital development.
We want people around and our customers to be happy and exchange our creations beyond we could imagine...

Through interaction with our organization, products and brands, we create experiences and key moments for our customers.

Our emphasis is to maximize their satisfaction, and create more important images for their journey.

The secret is... to create amazing mobile Apps, Webs, and Animations, to reach the right people in the right moment.

Our Services

What is your goal? What is your target? We are the best partnership in this moment, because you can get the next benefits:
  • We have Quality, more than you can imagine. We ensure it!
  • We use Brainstorming to impact the senses of your target.
  • We offer competitive prices.
Our services are:
  • Web applications (Web and Front End)

    Software engineering services specialized in the implementation of successful Web applications, with a focus in technologies based on Sencha-Ext JS, JavaScript and HTML5.
    We are proud to create websites which are simple, easy to use and user-friendly. Moreover, all of our sites are browser-compatible and fully validated.

  • Mobil Apps

    Our team of mobile Web designers delivers engaging applications with mobile accessibility in mind.

  • E-commerce

    Technology is moving faster than we can track of, and more users are buying products via shopping carts using their personal computers.

    We can work with different E-commerce platforms such as Magento, Shopify or Facebook.
    Commerce (f-commerce) apps as Payment.

  • Animation (2D / 3D)

    By high quality simulation of movement, great series of pictures or frames, we create Animations that you have never imagined. We will connect with your spectator and consumer to produce the expected visual impact -the sensitivity that product and brand are looking for.

  • Developing Characters

    Another of our services is Developing Characters for clients’ campaigns and product launches, in order to impact different targets. We have a track record in this development, so you can know our process.

Team & Process

Best Talent

We provide you an exclusive team of engineers, copy writers, image designers, and other professionals to work in the following Core businesses: We offer high level knowledge about technologies and development. We are a group focused on results, which develop long-term relationships and have experience with large companies worldwide.

Step by Step / Our Process


The first step: the story (project). What do you need?

We want to understand all the images, the visualization of your project, target, Color Palette, forms, and your expectations, in order to represent the idea that you want to communicate.

We will study your audience, competitors, brand, and all the things that we consider important to get excellent results.

We extract only the essential information.


We want to understand your point of view and your expectations, then, we will do 3 samples of your project. The objective is to select one and work with it.

The team works together to exchange ideas, experiences, and all the best to give just the best.


We will present you the progress of our work in Dropbox or another application, to exchange impressions and comments about the process.


Just a glimpse of what we can achieve together. Call us or contact our office to know your needs and show you our amazing projects portfolio.

Service hours:

We are available 365 days 24/7, Monday to Sunday, including Holidays.


(650) 630-5684